3 days ago

German finally has a government again as Angela Merkel sworn back in as chancellor

"This government has to prove itself new and different."

German finally has a government again as Angela Merkel sworn back in as chancellor

Although there is something of a tradition. finding electric problems in a car can be read more...

5 days ago

Car repair costs on the rise - 1st time in 6 years

Heat places a strain on cooling systems, batteries, fluids and transmissions.

The oxygen sensor detects how much air is going through the car's engine.

The third most common cause for the warning light to come on was a faul read more...

1 week ago

The Romney Attack: Socialize The Losses, Privatize The Gains

President Barack Obama is correct in distinguishing the patient creation of value for the benefit of investors through genuine operational improvements and growth -- the true mission of private equity -- from the form of rigged capitalism that was read more...

2 weeks ago

Autologic Enters into Licensing Agreement with Volvo for Diagnostic Data


2 weeks ago

Autologic Diagnostics Launches Autologic Assist, An Aftermarket Diagnostic Solution for Automotive Industry

It integrates

knowledge and service from experts that possess significant Original

Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) experience with innovative software and a multi-faceted

device, helping ensure vehicle issues are diagnosed cor

3 weeks ago

5 auto trends to watch in 2018

"Still a healthy number," he said.

Some models, such as the Honda Clarity, can get a range of 366 miles. Power. "A lot of drivers haven't experienced lane departure warning or other such technology."

Having a car that emits zero emis